iPhone 13 Pro Review: 8 Months Later!

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Welcome to my iPhone 13 Pro long-term review! I give you my honest thoughts regarding the latest iPhone, and if it’s worth your money this year in 2022.
0:00 Is The iPhone 13 Pro Worth It?
0:25 Design
0:48 OLED Display & ProMotion
2:07 Battery Life Review
3:47 Cameras Are Awesome
5:47 How Good Is The A15 Chip?
7:00 Should You Buy An iPhone…


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  2. I agree.
    iPhone 13 pro is peak performance phone.

    I upgraded from a Xs max
    And HOLY MOLY is this phone AMAZING!

    I would wait to purchase one until October when the new phones drop,
    Then get the 13 pro for cheap!

  3. Always curious and can't wait for your new videos. I subscribed since your MacBook air M1 videos, and you made me bought that beast :-). And now for this iPhone, really want it too but for now I still can't afford it. To expensive in my country LoL

  4. AWESOME! I've been waiting on your thoughts on the 13 Pro Terren! Love ProMotion for film watching as it plays the film at the correct frame rate which I notice immediately – no jerky panning! 🙂 For my mountain biking, I also use my 10 YEAR OLD iPhone 4S which is still going strong!!!!!!! Original battery. Still works with Apple HomeSharing, AirPlay etc. I still love its build quality and my 13 Pro reminds me of it although I prefer the $S in its heavier thickness which to me, doesn't't feel as fragile 🙂 The only iPhones that I genuinely disliked are the 6, 6S, 7, 8 as I feel the design is dated even at the time of launch and the 6/6S was a disgrace with the antenna bands. I thought that the X was iconic and still love the 5S / ordinal SE in terms of design. Looking forward to WWDC as I love Craig Federichi's enthusiasm and passion. It's by far my favourite Apple event each year – maybe because they are not selling something but more inspiring / educating 🙂 PS I always use leather sleeves for my iPhones from LUCRIN of Geneva as i'm not a fan of cases as it takes away the design element from the device.

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