iPhone 13 Pro Max | ProRAW Getting Ridiculous Portraits In The Studio!

I think we got some great shots in the studio with the Phone 13 Pro Max. Are you Team Apple or Team Android?
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  1. I have a pixel 4 and an iPhone 13pro and the pixel main camera kills the iPhone. It’s actually shocking haha. Especially for animals, the overuse of denoise and iPhone’s ability to capture detail in low light is still behind a Google phone using a sensor 5 years old – Somehow – Why? The lens is so much bigger etc on the iPhone. Another gripe i have is all filtering that’s done to an iPhone photo. It’s not capturing what i see, unlike the Pixel. It’s annoying, everyone looks like they have contact lenses on.

  2. Honestly I'm being sold on this iPhone solely by your shots 🔥🔥 ridiculous 👏🏽 it would be super helpful to know what F Stop and Shutter speeds you were using with this particular lighting set up?

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