iPhone 13 Pro Gaming Review: An Honest In-Depth Look

This is a long examination of the experience I’ve had for the last few months gaming on my iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The camera I record with:

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  1. There is so many great games on iOS these days if you look hard enough but they could do so much better, like imagine have the Switch library on there! There is enough controllers available these days to have great games on there

  2. Request for testing XCOM 2 on the 13 pro max, particularly the load times, and maybe upload a video for it? On my iPhone 12, the game has a notoriously long load time on the Feral logo when first opening the app, and when loading a save file.

  3. I heard that the side controllers that you slide in place to make it more like a portable console don't fit properly on the Pro Max version but are more compatible with the standard 13 model.

  4. Game streaming made the iPhone a serious gaming device. There’s a handful of great iOS games but the ability to play real games makes it my current favorite portable game console. I don’t have much latency personally I’ll experience like the stream quality dip sometimes and even that usually corrects itself quickly.

  5. Amazing review and amazing device but let’s be honest. Real gaming belongs to the PC and console. Mobile games are just made to kill time.

  6. Dude you need to do some research before making a video because you sound so Confused plus I think you that same guy who said Nintendo switch is more powerful than a iPhone

  7. I remember burning through my battery back in the day playing Subway Surfer and Clash Royale. Btw I think Marvel Future Fight has a 120hz in game option, been a while since I played it

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