iPhone 13 mini vs iPhone 13 Pro – MY DILEMMA

iPhone 13 mini vs iPhone 13 Pro – MY DILEMMA
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  1. I want an iPhone 14 Pro mini with same camera as Pros, 5.6-7" display (still considered small!!!), 120Hz display, NO notch (hole punch/stripe is ok), TouchID in display, USB-C, DualSIM.

  2. I've owned the 12 Mini since launch, luv the smaller form. I seldom have battery concerns since I'm a very light user and the phone charges so quickly, I came close to upgrading to the 13 Mini but I think I'm going to see what the 14 lineup looks like before I make that decision, great video.

  3. I am glad most people like bigger phones. Otherwise apple wouldnt make a bigger phone like the 6 Plus because the iPhone 13 Mini is just to small. Browsing the web, social media and especially typing with 2 hands is just a joke.Thats why Apple wont probably make an iPhone 14 mini and of course no 14 Mini Pro.

  4. I bought and returned the 13 mini in white and then bought the pro. I went thru a similar thought process / sensations. Glad to hear that we are on the same page… subscribed!

  5. You always come with the exact confusions I have before buying. This year when I purchased my IPad, your videos were very handy. And now just as I was planning to buy an iPhone, I came across this video of yours which solves exactly the confusion I had. Thank you very much.

  6. Bravo, E! An excellent decision based on excellent reasoning. Like you, I'm a fan of compact phones and I entirely concur with your description of the 13 mini as a 'Chef's Kiss'. It certainly is. Others may prefer a four-wheel drive mammoth, but for me the 13 mini is Apple's equivalent of the Aston Martin DB5 – the epitome of refinement and engineering excellence.

  7. I do use the ultrawide sometimes but much preferred the combo on my Pixel 4XL and iPhone XS Max of 2x telephoto for exactly the reason you said. It helps me get photos of my now 2 year old without disturbing her so I ended up 13 Pro Max as may as well accept one one handed usage if don’t get the mini!

  8. As an admirer of compact phones and a user for iPhone 12 mini for about 7 months, the video pretty much sums up all of my thoughts regarding the future lineup of iPhones. However I wouldn’t agree to sacrifice the wide angle camera, although I’m not an active user of cameras in general. But the beauty of wide angle is just priceless and frankly I don’t mind to get closer to the object a little further tbh. But larger battery is the only handicap that there is for me in mini series. I’m a light-middle user myself and even though it’s charged super super fast I really would wish sometimes that it doesn’t deteriorate that quickly. But everything comes with a price, still in love with my phone and all of its capabilities. Hope that apple would keep producing compact form factors at the future.

  9. Going from an iPhone Max to an iPhone just seems almost impossible for me lol! A friend of mine has one and every time I hold it, I get weirded out 😂 He loves it though!

  10. People ask me why didn’t I cough up the extra for the pro max for an upgrade. It’s not about pricing at all. My mini with upgraded storage and unlocked from apple basically costs the same as one and I don’t regret it at all. Some of us just prefer the smaller form factor. I for one would gladly pay more than the pro max for one if the mini did cost more.

  11. Thanks for sharing the link to Uniqe – paused your video while I shapped midnight blue case for my iPhone 12 Mini – 25$ incl shipping to Denmark 🤓 And agree – an 12/13/14 Pro Mini would make my swap asap.

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