iPhone 13 Full Review After 1 month!

Hey everyone, this is our full review of the iPhone 13 after using it for 1 month. This year’s iPhone 13 is more or less similar to the iPhone 12 from last year with slight changes in the display, cameras, and battery along with featuring the new A15 Bionic Chipset. Find out more about my experiences with the device in this video 🙂

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  1. Apple, iphone 13 series :
    5nm technology, A15 Bionic chip.
    5.40 inches, 13 mini – 2,406 mah battery.
    6.10 inches, 13 & pro – 3,095 & 3,227 mah battery.
    6.70 inches, Pro Max – 4,352 mah battery.
    * 20w charger with lighting 2.0 Port – Rs 2,000 extra.
    * Storage : 128 gb to 1 TB.
    * Price : Rs 70,000 to Rs 2,30,000.
    * No expandable memory card slot, No usb type 'C' charging port, No 3.5 mm audio jack, No FM radio, No 20w wired charger in box.

  2. I bought a iPhone 13 and an iPad for the price of iPhone 13 pro max . The only minus i know is the 120 hz refresh rate besides i am no camera centric person. Overall happy with the battery life now. And i don’t think the iphone processor would be a letdown even after 5 years.if a 2016 iphone 7 plus can perform well even today then this phone can perform well for another 6-7 years.

  3. Iphone 13 ko screen ma straight herda sabai thikai xa tara side angle bata herda kina display dim hunxa?? Mero ma matra ho ki aru kasai ko ma pani yestai ho?

  4. Daily basis I’m using 1. WhatApp, 2. YouTube, 3. Web browsing. 4. Email.No game, No Fb, Not taking any photos. Not watching any subscription video. Not listening any music from phone. So what kind of iPhone is suitable for me? Should I spend thousands dollars for iPhones? Which Application do you use for daily?

  5. mostly everything is true and all but, the base variant of the iphone 12 as to the 13 is a different thing altogether. one is not getting an iphone for just upgrading to a newer phone the next year so,
    the storage here comes into play which you did not mention on the video.

    64 gb memory will finish in flash! thus opting for a 128 gb variant on the iphone 12 will send the cost to be around as the iphone 13 and here buying a 13 is a very good choice as apart from the faster display there is nothing much of a compromise to even a power user as the processor despite being inferior to the 13pro, is leagues ahead from the android counterparts.

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