iPhone 13 – 22 Tips & Tricks for 2022- Secret settings & Hidden Features ?

If you’re looking for list of the best iPhone 13 tips and tricks for 2022. This video is a compilations some of the best secret settings & hidden features on iPhone available today. If you’ve have just bought yourself a new #iPhone13 then you will want to watch this video :

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  1. As a regular iPhone user I knew all these and regularly use most of them. This video seemed really overhyped and the ‘proceed with caution’ (live listen) isn’t that useful. This was a pretty useless video

  2. Thanks for the Tricks.. ?
    1st if you turn on the unknown caller Except Contact you can't Receive any calls & more importantly pls keep you cam near or zoom mode its blur..

  3. Awesome. As a new iPhone user, this video is imperative for me. I was previously a Samsung phone user and now I know what I have been missing. Apple is miles ahead in both quality and useful, NOT gimmicky features. Just subscribed and many thanks. So professional; well done??

  4. Enjoyed your video, just started using iPhone 13 mini. Was just wondering, is there anyway to increase the ringtone and text messaging volume? I’m have a hearing problem and can’t hear the phone ringing or my messages alerts. TIA!!

  5. Just don't take photos of people with the new Crapple Iphone.
    The crop of the photo in Iphone which the woman’s head was apparently “replaced with a leaf.”
    Great Camera Apple NOT.

  6. You didn't give a detail information on the phone I know with my old I phone 7 you could turn it into different colors when it pulls up on different apps and I know about the directions in different countries . And you can direct planes into places and how to use battery saver its not a fashion statement Gucci cost less then this but every person don't buy Gucci but every person gets a I phone even kids there is a lit more to a I phone then what you're saying just not for pictures and ring tone . How much does Prada seakers cost less then a I phone etc. Porn is free but every one has sex right! Stop canceling the knowledge its cost for a I phone 33.50 but we pay 10000 $ for it for a nice picture and memory do the math means take a look at what the marketing is doing no look at why everyone wants a I phone

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