iPhone 13 & 13 Pro The Ultimate Camera & Photo Settings Tutorial | IOS 15

This a tutorial on the Camera and the Photo Settings of the iPhone. It was made for the iPhone 13 (Pro, Max, Mini) but it also refers to all other iPhones with IOS 15 (iPhone 12, iPhone 11 etc.). It was made for Beginners and Intermediates and I will show you the best settings for great photos. Have fun!

iPHONE 13:



  1. i dont know if anyone has the same problem, but when i take a picture with my iphone 13 it somehow do the auto enhance when i open it on photos. i have no idea how to fix this. it's so annoying cause whenever i try to take pictures in low light it look bright and weird(?) like the quality isn't the same. help

  2. Just upgraded to the iPhone 13 pro and I’m getting into taking better quality photos, this video really helped me out a lot. Thank you

  3. How to fix the oversharpening effect tho? The photos look absolutely awful. What you see on the preview during taking the photo is nowhere near what the photo actually turns out. People say it’s because of HDR but it can’t be turned off in this iphone version ? But people showing their photos on youtube tutorials don’t seem to have that problem so I’m thinking there is a solution

  4. Super helpful! So, i am super confused btw the 13 and 13 Pro 128GB still. If i am not interested in Pro Raw/Pro Res?/Lidar and zooming- should i get the 13? I am mostly concerned about the weight differences once i put it in the case-people have said it's like a brick. For me i want super crisp photos when traveling with family and when i print them in photo books. I know the 13 has the 60z screen, but i heard people say that you don't use the 120hz all the time on the pro?Oh phones!

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