[iOS16.1.1] Unboxing Accessories For iPhone Pro Max & iPad Pro + Customize Inside Out + Drawing πŸŽ€πŸ’•

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11:24 “original keyboard”
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Email: mkvspicybulgogii2020@gmail.com


Cloud Grip

Screen protectors

Bling iPhone Case

Pink Heart Case



  1. I bought the Kuromi purple retro phone case because of your unboxing video on it ! 😁it even came with a bracelet charm. I attached it to the iPhone. After 3 days I couldn’t stand the attached charm lol it’s cute but OH MY GOD 😠
    Also glad you added info of what keyboard app you use. Many asked when it was in one of your videos. If it’s a privacy issue, I won’t get it but I wish there were more apps like that and not needing so much access to our info. Just so wrong

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