iOS 16 Released – How to Install iOS 16 on iPhone for FREE for iOS 16 Beta

iOS 16 has finally been released and here I showed you how to install iOS 16 on your iPhone device easily without computer. iOS 16 beta 1 is very new and it has a lot of flaws and bugs won’t recommend installing it on your daily device. watch the full video to know more.

Link to WWDC Recap (60 Seconds) :-

Link to important files :-

Gear That I Use – Gear That I Use -…


  1. I did it on my iphone 13 now need to downgrade to 15.5 its too laggy and i play bgmi too now i cant beacuse of the frame drop and lag battery is draining fast and phone is heating too much

  2. Bruhh I didn’t get this ios16 update on my 12pro max ??? How to get it but I don’t want to download ios16 from beta it’s not save for my phone

    So what to do🙃

  3. Viewers, be advised. Apple published the iOS 16 Developer Beta 1. You need to sign up on the Apple Developer Program, which costs 99 USD/year.
    Only members can install the profile, after which the iOS 16 Beta 1 will show up on your iPhone. iOS 16 is only supported on iPhone 8 and up to iPhone 13.
    Possibly at the beginning of July, Apple is scheduled to release the first iOS 16 Public Beta, for which you also need to download and install the relevant profile. THAT HAS NOT BEEN MADE AVAILABLE

    I don’t understand what this dude is talking about. This Dev iOS 16 Beta should not be installed on a productive iPhone, and definitely not when you have no clue on how revert back to iOS 15.5.

  4. I’ve been trying to get the iOS 16 update on my iPhone SE (2nd generation) but I’m not seeing the regular option/link popping up in settings whenever I go there to get this other update. Does anyone happen to know the reason why?

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