iOS 15 Jailbreak wait BREAKS NEW RECORD 🥳🎉

iOS 15 Jailbreak has taken the longest time on record to release for the latest iPhone model (iPhone 13). The wait for iOS 15 Jailbreak to drop makes the iOS 12 Jailbreak wait look like nothing! There WILL be an iOS 15.1.1 Jailbreak iOS 15 for all devices coming, whether that’s from Coolstar (electra) or Pwn20wnd (unc0ver), and even Checkra1n for ALL iOS 15, meaning iOS 15.5 will have a Jailbreak. The thing with Checkra1n Jailbreak, is if you have iPhone XR or newer you can’t Jailbreak, and…


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  2. I feel like once the iOS 15 jb is finished and when iOS 16 comes out since the iOS 15 was so hard maybe the iOS 16 jb will be easier! (; thanks Saunders tech for the update!

  3. I just gave up and switched to Android. I really feel like the jailbreaking community is on the verge of death with barley any interesting tweaks coming out and Coolstar supposedly no longer making jailbreaks after iOS 15. Not too mention the big problem of bypassing jailbreak detection which leads to like half my apps not being able to work. Just too many problems for not much benefit.

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