iOS 15.2.1 is Out! – What's New?

iOS 15.2.1 released for all supported devices and brings with it new features and fixes for iPhone. iOS 15.2.1 adds security updates, fixes for Apple CarPlay and iMessage. In this video I go over all the features, updates and changes in iOS 15.2.1 using iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPad Air and iPhone 8 Plus. #iOS15 #iPadOS15 #iPhone #apple

Apple Security Updates –

Apple also release iPadOS…


  1. I was an android user for about 10 years and decided to try Apple. If there's one thing that will drive me back to android, it's apple's updates. Far too many, and they all seem broken. I get a good OS where performance and battery life is good, and try to stick with it for as long as possible, but Apple keeps pushing new and dumb updates that drag all of that down

  2. Hey good video, But I have some questions. First why do you show a "Build Number" like what is the meaning of showing the build #. There is no point of showing for each IOS update. Second Brandon Butch mention that Modem was update.

  3. I was and am still having issues with the Apple Podcast app in CarPlay. I have to open the app on my phone to get the app in CarPlay to respond. Sounds like this was similar to the issue with 3rd party apps in CarPlay. I've updated to 15.2.1 and it has not fixed the problem.

  4. Battery life on iPhone 13 pro max is absolutely garbage. Getting about 10 hrs screen on. Before was getting 14-16 hrs screen on. Let’s hope indexing it is and doesn’t take 2-3 weeks. Updated when it came out.

  5. Aaron about pic saving again on camera roll after posting on instagram,is it insta problem or phone,coz i did reset my instagram not to save posted pic on camera roll but still i get that issue so was wondering if its phone settings or what..kindly help

  6. minute details, I am surprised that Apple does not allow call log/records history more than 1 day depending on the certain numbers of calls u make in day, unlike Android which allows 3 months view atleast. So, much stuff missing ,which makes ease of use.

  7. Hey 'Siri' and Apple Maps are useless in South Africa, both can't find locations in South Africa. Siri finds locations in USA. Fix that

  8. Uploaded the 15.2.1 update and experiencing significant battery drain. In fact, it has rendered my iPhone 13 Pro Max superior battery life to that of previous models. Very disappointing, hopefully this can be corrected in the 15.3.

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