iOS 15.1.1 RELEASED! JAILBREAK Status & Important UPDATE Info!

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Apple has released a few days ago iOS 15.1.1 with only one major change, a fix for calls dropping bugs on iPhone 13 and iPhone 12. The update is only available for those devices and it should be pretty safe to update if you’re already on iOS 15.1. For those who wanna jailbreak, if you’re on iOS 15.1 you may update to iOS 15.1.1, but if you’re running iOS 14.8 or lower…


  1. Got an Apple Watch so I had to update and now am stuck on iOS 15.1.1 but still have uncover and altstore so the second it becomes available I’ll be able to jailbreak

  2. iPhone 7. 14.5.1 I am currently on. I can still jailbreak with checkra1n but having to install at least once a week. Is there an untethered released for this yet?

  3. Hey I have a few questions about the 14.5.1 untether. I’m having many problems with it, battery drainage, battery usage not working problems with sending pictures on messages. Apps not opening, and sometimes when I Respring it gets stuck in a boot loop usually requiring me to force restart and re jailbreak it again. Will there be an update anytime soon for this? Edit: forgot major lagging issues sometimes causing my phone to freeze for about 5-8 seconds also my battery health is at 91% and I’m using an xr so I don’t think it’s the battery.

  4. Hey iDevice central nice to meet you man so Question so I have a iPhone 11 Pro Max & iOS that I’m running on is iOS 15.1. So if I don’t have a PC so my Question is when Unc0ver will be released for ios 15.1 Unc0ver jailbreak no pc ?

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