IMPORTANT iOS 15.1 Downgrade / JAILBREAK PSA: SAVE Blobs For A12+ (Full Tutorial)

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In today’s tutorial, I will show you step by step how to save / backup your SHSH2 blobs for jailbreak and downgrade purposes on iOS 15.1. Saving the blobs allows you to upgrade/downgrade to iOS 15.1 at a later date when it’s no longer signed by Apple, once a jailbreak for it gets released. Saving blobs for A12+ is a bit more work, but it’s doable if you have a computer…


  1. I need your help! A few weeks ago my iPhone XS Max running 13.5 turned off. I wanted to install altstore to rejailbreak but it was an update. I did it and everything stopped working. Do you have any solutions? I wanted to upgrade to 14.5.1. I do have the shsh. But I cannot do it without this tweak. Any other methods? Thank you in advance!

  2. I never understood what the ApNonce means and WHY is so important to specify In order to obtain a valid blob
    Can someone clarify this to me?
    Thank you 😁

  3. I am jailbroken on XS Max IOS 13.3 and wanted to futureRestore to IOS 15 but after some research on your website the sep and baseband are not compatible from 13 to 15 and neither 13 to 14. I guess I'll just stay on this version. I wanted to update because some apps are asking me to update to at least ios 14.2 to keep using FaceID login.

    I just got the 13 pro max yesterday and won't use it until there is a jailbreak. It came with IOS 15.0.2 but I'm in the fence to whether update to 15.1 for the features but I know that 15.0.2 has a better change to get a jailbreak faster.

  4. So if I saved my blobs from 15.0 I can update my phone and then downgrade if 15.0 gets jailbroken?. I have jailbroken before but never used my blobs. I saved my blobs from 15.0 but I have not update waiting for a jailbreak 15.0 on an iPhone 13 pro max which I know will probably take a while.

  5. Hey bro, I saved blobs for 15.1 both by AnyTrans and also TSSSaver, I am jailbroken on 13.5.
    But I am getting two different Blob files from them for iOS 15.1, how do I know which one is the correct one, so I dont mess up the futurerestore in the future ?

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