I Love my iPhone 13 Mini: Here's why Apple will cut it

The Apple iPhone 13 Mini has been around for a few months now, and just like it’s cousin, the iPhone 12 mini, it’s sparked a lot of interest for people who have found themselves craving a smaller, more compact iPhone experience, without losing many of the main features that make an iPhone so good. People like me, and perhaps you too.

But one month later, I think I agree with those who say that Apple might not make another device like this. But before I tell you why, let me run you…


  1. To be honest Sarb – I was actually unaware of the existence of the iPhone mini's. I had an iPhone 4 for years and loved it, but when it finally gave up the ghost because I couldn't upgrade it any more (changed the battery twice!). I stopped looking at iPhones since they were massive and I diverted my attention to the androids (such as the Sony Z3C, now the Samsung S10e). I was never interested in the SE because you literally sacrificed the "flagshipness" that made iPhones what they were.

    Might have to look into upgrading to an iPhone mini 13 and get back on the apple ecosystem for a couple of years again haha 🙂

  2. Very good video and summary. I agree fully with what you have said. I’ve just got a 13 mini and love it but use it exactly the same way as you do. I think the 13 mini appeals to proper tech nerds who probably have an iPad Pro and a MacBook. I often forget that most of the people I know have a decent phone and a work/cheap windows laptop and do 95% of things on their phone or TV. The mini is a perfect ecosystem product but isn’t cheap like the SE for those who just want an iPhone so it’s target market is very specific.

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