How to use Voice Control on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch | Apple Support

You can control your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using just your voice with Voice Control. Learn how to set it up, use gesture commands, and navigate with overlays.

Topics Covered:
0:00 – Intro
00:20 – Turn on Voice Control
00:50 – Use gesture commands
01:50 – Navigate with overlays
03:08 – Pause or turn off Voice Control

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  1. It says another app is using my microphone so I am not able to use is at the moment so I turned off every app using my mic and it still says that anyone know a solution

  2. can you please provide a simple digital clock with date in 2021? we cant wait till 2050 for such basic feature currently we need to use 3rd party apps for that? how silly is that

  3. can anyone give me a tip? i turned on voice control and tried opening up camera and it was able to do that, but as soon as the app opens nothing responds anymore. I tried the simple steps in the video like saying "open grid" or "show me numbers" it wouldn't respond and would have to manually swipe to get back to the home screen. any thoughts or settings i should change?

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