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Learn how Focus on your iPhone can help you find balance by filtering notifications based on what you’re doing. Turn on Do Not Disturb, or customize a Focus for work, personal time, driving, and more with personalized Home Screens and Lock Screens to limit distractions from apps.

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  1. Can a Focus mode be added to a HomeKit scene? It would be great if I could say goodnight and all my lights turned off and my phone switched to a Focus mode that allows calls from one family member (one of “those” calls expected anytime now) but stopped all the nuisance texts and other non urgent calls. I sleep at different times to most of society so I get woken a lot, but because we have a family member close to the end I need to be contactable. If not, I’ll set it up separately, but it would be great to have it in my goodnight scene. I can see many other ways it could be great within other HomeKit scenes too.

  2. Would it be possible to add an option – “allow calls from” and “recieve messages from” according to the chosen SIM card (when using multiple SIMs in iPhone)? That would be sooooo helpful for optimizing the work/life balance.

  3. Hi,
    I am admiring about the new iOS 16 features in my iPhone which brings a lot of customisation in my lock-screen as well as home screen. However, i found that the calendar widget in my lock screen do not shows any events even an event is present in the calendar widget in the home screen. Did you noticed that?
    If you have a tip to fix that problem, please let me know.
    Thank you for your time 😊

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