How To Take Unique iPhone Street Photos

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Street photography allows you to capture really interesting photos… Photos that tell unique stories of strangers. ?️‍♂️

Of course, it can be scary to get started with street photography. After all, you’re taking photos of people you don’t…


  1. Also, it’s important to note that you can take pictures of anything you can see in public (in the USA). A lot of Americans falsely believe that you need permission to take a picture in public. How else would the paparazzi get their photos? Still, like you said, be respectful.

  2. yeah i agree difference is you live in a country which is modern and you can shoot anything in the public acording to your laws
    what happens when you live in a country ,and these rules dont apply?
    great tutorial though
    the best street photos and inside the bus i captured them with my iphone and android phone in the past

  3. I’ve always thought this iPhone pimp’s vibe def a bit ‘off’ BUT hey Bro is a Master of his Craft for us ALL (hey Steve Jobs def not a fun hang out guy either!) and LUV how the vid quality edits for us have been continuing to get more and More Amazing!!

  4. I disagree with the first shot with the woman walking up the stairs. One thing my teachers have always taught me is to ensure ‘things’ like door frames don’t appear to be coming out of heads. Second shot is great. The rest of this vlog is great. Thank you for awesome iPhone photography lessons. Cheers from Canader eh!

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