How To Remove iPhone Camera Lens Protectors

In this video, I explain exactly how you can remove iPhone camera lens protectors. It’s way easier than you might think. You just need the write tools to get the job done.

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  1. Okay so how do I protect my lens then I actually put these on because one of my camera lens broke and I didn’t want moisture or water to get in it so telling people they don’t break easy is a misconception. That case isn’t covering the actual lens. Great video tho!

  2. I Winded Up Using A Small Knife, Slowly Lifting It Up After Letting A Hot Towel Sit Over It, Came Off Very Easy. Obviously Its Risky But If You Have Steady Hands, Nothing To Worry About! Glad To Have Them Off! Thanks For The Great Vid!

  3. using iphone 13 pro taking long exposure photo of the dark sky and stars, and im using camera lens protector, but the image can't focus on the sky and the stars..are they any solution ?

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