How To Install Retro Arch on iOS 15 NO Jailbreak & NO Revoke! [EASY]

Retro Arch iOS 15 | How To Download Retro Arch Emulator for iPhone & iPad! Do you want to get the Retro Arch DS Emulator on iOS 15? If so, this video is for you! I will teach you How To Download Retro Arch on iOS 15 in this tutorial. The process to get Retro Arch iOS 15 Emulator is very easy to download, as NO Jailbreak is required to get Retro Arch. For this tutorial, I will cover how to setup AltStore. Setting up AltStore is very easy, and with AltStore you can easily download Retro Arch….


  1. Hey! Does anyone know what to do when I go to On My IPhone in my files, there is no retroarch folder? I’ve been trying to fix it for a very long while, and I would like some help if you can. Thanks!

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