How To Install iOS 16 – How To Update iPhone To iOS 16 Tutorial

This tutorial going to show you how to install iOS 16 without a computer. This iPhone guide will show you how to update iPhone to iOS 16, troubleshoot, some of the main update issues all on WIFI. I will also explain how to update iPod touch to iOS 16 but keep in mind that older phones iPhones like the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 don’t support Apples latest iOS software. The link below will show you which iPhones can update to iOS 16 and which ones can’t. If you have a home button device like…


  1. I have it updated to IOS 16 however some things aren’t showing up for me such as the option for the percentage to show. I’ve gone to vpn and nothing pops up I’ve restarted my phone and nothing. What can I do?

  2. Hey I have the iPhone 8 and the iOS 16 is still not on my phone i only have iOS 15.7 and i know it’s compatible since it’s for iPhone 8 and up I just don’t have it yet. Idk what’s wrong?

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