How To Identify Plants & Flowers With Your iPhone Camera! No App Needed!!

Here is how you can easily identify plants, flowers, trees, bushes, fungi, and more just using the Camera and Photos app of your iPhone with iOS 15!

Chapters ➡
0:00 Intro
0:59 How it works
1:40 Examples of identified plants
4:02 Real world live demo

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  1. How do you turn on the feature? I can get to the leaf icon but tapping it doesn’t do anything. It says I can adjust it in settings, siri-search, but everything there is already toggle on. Thanks

  2. Thanks for the video. I sometimes need a more specific name of a plant, but it's still good for when I can't remember or want the general name. Cool.

  3. what do you mean by swiping up????..I have the photo of the plant but don't know where to go from that!! and what icon in the lower corner are you talking about????????????? and i can't find any look-up option either!!!!! TOTALLY LOST HERE!!!!

  4. A shame it doesn’t work in many regions outside the US even though the iPhone is set to English as the primary language 😕 (I would set the region to US but it messes other things up)

  5. Thank you, that is really handy! I always use Picture This for plant identification but to use it for free, every time you have to find the really obscure cancel button which takes time but it is really accurate. At least using this method I can take a few pictures and identify them later on which I can't do with Picture This.

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