1. I was stuck in a boot loop on my iPhone 11 and the volume up and down followed by the power button fixed it but when I jailbroke my iPod years ago I had to do a factory reset. It’s never fun but sadly it does happen

  2. I was gonna make a video like this. Boot looted on the first day due to left over jailbreak files from back up. Just make sure y’all are on the lastest iTunes installed. Spent 4 hours trying to see why my iPhone wouldn’t restore and that was the culprit.

  3. You can also future restore but you’ll lose face id, or you can fix it without restoring if you have a checkm8 device (you can type an argument with checkra1n and it will fix the issue)

  4. Im currently on 14.3 jailbreak trying to customize my themes. After installing a source and respringing my touch screen doesn’t work. Is there a fix to this? The only way to get it back to work is to reboot it but then I need to rejailbreak it and the touch screen still doesn’t work.

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