How To Detect Spyware & Malware On Your iPhone

It may seem normal to want to scan your iPhone or iPad for malware, stalkerware, or spyware. But iOS isn’t the same as a Mac or PC. Here is what you need to know about spyware on your iPhone or iPad, signs to look for, and what to do if you suspect it.

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  1. You’re one of the few people who apply no-nonsense user-friendly common sense and speak for the good of your viewers.

    I can actually understand what you’re inferring without going to Merriam-Webster.

    Thank you 🙏🏼

  2. Ironically, my longer comment pointing out the exceptional Pegasus spyware keeps on getting removed, but you guys might want to look this up.

  3. I'm not sure the info in this video is 100% accurate. How is it that iPhones of politicians and officials can be infected by Pegasus spyware?

  4. I love your videos but saying “it will never happen” is a bit much. There are absolutely ways to do it. I’d stride carefully to say “never”

  5. Apple need to create a native scan app that not only tells you if there is possible malware/spyware but also if some apps are not working correctly (see below) or what components in the device need attention.

    have you ever been to an apple store because your iPhone has gone haywire? First thing they say is restore from new device and download app by app to *see what apps are causing problems on the device. What. 200 apps I got to download and test. For real?

  6. It is good to know that Apple takes this very seriously. It seems like Apple would also develop their own app to scan your device for any vulnerabilities.

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