How iPhone is Killing Apple? What is Tim Cook's STRATEGY to fix it? : Business case study

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Video Introduction:
The sales of Iphone which is the most important product of apple has not peaked sales since 2014, the company is being sued with Anti-trust cases in the European Union and giant players like Epic games and facebook are openly revolting against its policies! So the question is
What is this ongoing trouble that apple is facing?
What is…


  1. Today's Apple is not Steve jobs Apple corp. Today's Apple mostly focused more money making statergy by binding and selling all worlds people data to CCP china. So, they can grow business in China. People also promote these brands what a shame for a logo and people's foolishness ??.

  2. After watching this video, I'm eagerly for Apple entering Healthtech sector and Thinkschool entering 1M club. And sooner enough, we may get a case study of Apple credits cards x Cred.?

  3. I dumped IBM dell dos windows after 20 years for Mac pro which works better
    But.. I prefer and hence sticking to Google android pixel and Garmin watch and spotify

  4. Great well,
    As you say that service industry is dominating industry over production.
    I am very curious to know that what methodology is used by big 4 consultancy companies (big part of service industry) that every big giants goes in their hand. And we can perform just employment under them.
    And how can we make next big5 india.

  5. Apple and Google, both get 30%+ GST
    15% is calculated differently for two companies,

    For eg: For Apple, if the user keeps subscription for over 1 year, that is when Apples share reduces to 15% but that rarely happens, so effectively, they charge 30%+GST! That is why there is a bigger uproar against them, you can read a statement by the Paytm CEO on this, if my memory serves me well…! Cheers!

  6. According to my perspective …if apple diversify their business as an individual diffrent company which serves under apple umbrella ( for example: reckitts do by selling dettol , harpic and etc as individual company)then and then only they will succed in future and if they try to incorporate apple name in their diversifying business by giving name as icard or icar or ispecs or etc then they will ruin themselves in future…its will create a branch image confusion in people mind…

  7. I don't find much of difference between Android phones and iOS phones these past few years. I got an Android phone from 3 years ago and it's design still looks the same as any latest Android phones. Same for iphones too, no innovation's are taking place in a company that's valued at over $3 Trillion.

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