HOW I USE MY APPLE DEVICES IN A DAY!! (MacBook pro, iMac M1, Ipad Air 5, Iphone 13 Pro)

today’s video is show of i use all of apple products in a day! from using my MacBook pro, iMac M1, the NEW Ipad Air 5th Generation, to my iPhone 13 pro!! *how i use my imac as a college student, how i use my MacBook as a college student, how i use my iPad as a college student*

how i use my MacBook pro: 1:11
how i use my iMac M1: 2:15
how i use my Ipad Air 5: 3:01
how i use my apple watch: 4:17
how i use my iphone 13pro: 5:01

new 2022 ipad air 5 unboxing!!…


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