Guess WHO Has a Secret Boyfriend or Girlfriend on an iPhone Dating App


After Chad Wild Clay made “Is Vy Qwaint Kissing Other Boys?”, Vy Qwaint created “Are They DATING in SECRET? Vy Qwaint Spies on Daniel & Regina”, Daniel Gizmo uploaded “POLICE Mistake ME for a Prisoner! Spending 24 Hours in Jail but Spy Ninjas Help me Escape Prison”, someone has a dating app on their phone and they are trying to hide it! The Spy ninjas are fighting to find out who is seeing someone in secret when suddenly the doorbell rings. It’s the Dog Wizard and…


  1. Hahaha i love when daniel left his phone on the counter and then melvin said it was live and Daniel was so cute like with that face and it looks like he is wearing a little bit of make up hahahahaha

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