Getting Started with Digital Planning ⭐ iPad, iPhone & MacBook

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Hello everybody! I am genuinely excited about this comprehensive guide to digital iPad planning! It’s all about how to start digital planning, but it’s also very detailed for current digital planners and how to organize your entire life! I tried to answer all the questions you might have and everything you need to get started.

Digital planning has really become part of my daily life and changes the way I function….


  1. Hey Emily! I really love your planner and want to buy it..but I’m from India and my payment is getting declined on etsy. If you could provide an alternative way to pay, that’d be great! Thanks!

  2. As a freshman in high school and a video maker for train content (Don’t judge me).The iPad Air has been a game changer.My teachers are impressed with my work so far.And I’m starting to get the hang of digital note taking.Thx for the tips.But I also have some downsides.The paper like screen has been wearing down my tip and the air bubbles keep reappearing.But other then that I am grateful to have my new IPad and will definitely be using your tips for future note taking.

  3. Hi Emily, I was wondering if you could give me some advice. So I just went back to school and I’m looking to buy the iPad Air 4th Gen. But I’m having a bit of a dilemma. Idk if I should buy the 64G or the 256G. All I’m going to be using it for is literally just to take notes, ebooks, and writing papers. I don’t plan on doing any editing or using big programs and stuff like that. Would you say the 64G would be enough space for just that?

  4. Hi Emily! Could you maybe add some of your aesthetic looking backgrounds for us to use too😊 or maybe a tutorial on how to find those? Love from europe!

  5. Hey Emily, I just wondered where I can find papers that helps you practice your handwriting on the iPad. You talked about it on some of your videos and I wondered where I can find them. Thanks ☺️

  6. Hey Emily, thank you sooo much for posting this video! I’ve always wanted to know how to start digital planning and how to make it look aesthetic and minimalist and this is just the video I was looking for. Your planners are just so pretty! <3

  7. I love ur vids Emily, you put loads of heart into your videos and are so thoughtful, I’m usually like how do youtubers make their planners so aesthetic and nice, if you made a tutorial, you’d be saving our lives instead of watching tutorials that are pointless or hard to follow, I’m not trying to say all tutorials are bad it’s just your planner is so unique and minimalistic, which I like

  8. There's no proof it's better for the environment, but it for sure cuts down on bag clutter. I can get lost for a couple hours on etsy just looking at all the digital planners and notebooks available XD

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