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  1. As per usual it’s not the 1st time u have done this and where are the 2 links like u say in the video! Well it’s not actually ur personal voice it’s a software spoken typed words

  2. Sooooo I downloaded and did all that I had to do, but I can’t pick music from the lists on the App. I have to so back to the new music app and then back to old iOS to scroll through cover flow. Can’t do it in the old iOS app.

  3. Good that’s exactly what I want to see at WWDC22 Apple bringing Cover Flow back & also in case you did not know Back in the iOS 6 days or the first day of iOS in 2007 Cover Flow with a thing with the music app but since Apple took that away when launching Apple Music it’s no longer a thing so I hope to see it back & also just to be clear my name is Noah Sturgeon

  4. Got an iphone 3g with out sim card what to activate dont no how can you help , you a pro when it come to stuff like that thank

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