Free App Lock for any iPhone- in Malayalam

Hi everyone, here in this video I’ll show you how to lock Apps on iPhone with TouchID, FaceID or Passcode on iOS 15 using shortcuts. Here we discuss two methods , one is advanced method and other is simple method, users can decide which method to go with, where you can lock individual apps according to your needs. iPhone Tricks 2022!
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  1. 1st method kond aarkkaanu benefit? Shortcut icon lock cheyyaan aano ithrem valiya video,viewers ine mandanmaar aakkuvaano?🙄2nd method um waste aanu unlock chythu kazhinjaal veendum app open aavum ithil Nthanu lock .chumma aalkkare pattikkaathe irunnude pattillenkil Channel pootti pokkude

  2. If we are doing the first method for photos app the orginal app is still opening the duplicate which we created from downloading picture is only getting locked. How should we lock the orginal app??

  3. Ente accountil message update alla
    Swipe cheyth reply ayakkan patanilla
    Koodathe messagr reaction um work aavanilla ith ready aakki tharunnavarkk life time settlement 🙏

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