Ford F150 Lightning FIRST DRIVE! Is it the iPhone of Pickup Trucks?

My first drive in the brand new Ford F150 Lightning! @Marques Brownlee described it as the iPhone of pickup trucks, let’s find out if that’s the case. After a walkaround of the full EV truck, it’s out onto the roads for a first experience at the wheel to find out all about it!

While the F150 Lightning isn’t officially available in the UK, there is one single example here and I’m lucky to find myself being the first person outside of Ford to be at the wheel of it. This being the top spec…


  1. It is not a practical truck, it can’t tow very far without needing charged and seen one with a leveling kit that lost 20% of the mileage range. It’s not worth it and more of a novelty.

  2. Motortrend just released an article about this piece of trash truck. Got as low as Only 60 miles of range pulling three different weight travel trailers; LMAO. #Useless 4 Gallons of gas gets you just as far! 2 electric ‘vehicles’ only tools will buy; electric ‘trucks’ and electric ‘motorcycles’. Both are a waste of space, time, money, and especially natural resources.

  3. Great test Tim I could literally watch you test a house it's so compelling! Haven't got an issue with Ford calling this a lightning as it does look like an F150 where as the mach e looks nothing like a mustang! Really enjoyed this one will be interesting to see if Ford Europe do an electric ranger.

  4. Most complete review I have seen of this truck, and from in the UK of all things! This goes to show that among many things, you are also a great automotive journalist.
    The content is always awesome. Been a subscriber since the R8 days!

  5. Sweet!!! ford jumped on the giant killing machine bandwagon! This monstrosity is 2000 lbs heavier than a regular full size truck and goes from zero to 60 in 4 seconds. That's enough kinetic energy to blast through at least two Sanderos and a civic when the drunk stockbroker whos driving it blows a light.

  6. If that's the only one here, I saw it at Goodwood back in June. It is an absolute beast. I want one ! What a truck. Bit of an upgrade from my Ranger….

  7. Nah it's the Samsung of pick up trucks. Samsung is better than iPhone lmao. Gosh people are bozos and just wanna look rich when they have no idea what they even have in there hands

  8. I wonder the thoughts of the people you were driving past in this. They must’ve been a bit confused seeing such a massive truck and an electric one at that driving around

  9. The lightning is a piece of crap. Hook a trailer to it and tow something or haul something in the bed and it will have a crap range of about 90 miles; it’s a damn joke of a truck for anyone that actually uses a truck for what trucks are made for. Not much of a real world review. Tim get paid by Ford to fail to disclose the real useful range?

  10. Hats off to ford Mercedes & every car co. that is developing electric vehicle’s. Hopefully pickup’s & all electric cars & trucks will soon be lower in price with longer range & faster charging. Meanwhile this truck that sells for north of 100k is within reach of only a tiny fraction of the population. Mr. Supercar museum is not driving a pickup truck 🙂
    99% of buyers of pickup trucks are not paying 100k + for a truck.
    Let’s hope that all these extreamly expensive electric cars lead to more affordable cars for the general public not just the super rich. ✌️

  11. Let's see Toyota bring out a Hilux electric. The ultimate workhorse. It's crazy the difference in mindset between the u.s and other countries with parking. Both the size of the spots and the space used for carparking are way bigger in the U.S than any other country. I don't think I have ever seen a full carpark in the u.s lol

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