Enable Always on display on Any iPhone – iOS 16.1 or Later

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  1. The problem is that it isnt 100% black, even when i have just black wallpaper, then it dims it and it becomes like very dark gray. I can see my screen being light up when its dark in my room and i hate that since disabling "dim option" doesnt change anything in sleep mode, its just like it is, and after i unlock my phone i becomes 100% thanks to my wallpaper

  2. MFs really be creating narratives that he's trying to hide the fact that you can't lock the phone. MF, he said you can't lock it, hence why this is called a "workaround."

  3. How do you get the stock wallpaper on the 14 Pro to simply dim with the always on display like you have it instead of turning dark blue when the screen is locked? When I have that wallpaper set and I lock the phone, the always on display is a dark blue version of the wallpaper but I wish it did what yours does but I don’t know how to do it lol

  4. Total waste of time. And it’s not even Always On Display because it’s not gonna be always on. And we’ve been using it for a very long time if you have that sleep mode setup

  5. There's also a workaround to make it just like the iPhone 14 Pro like AOD along with lock screen and all the security usual stuff. And that also works on all the iPhone with focus mode (including iOS 15, that includes iPhone 6s and above). The only thing is battery life. But you do get the stuff.

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