Don't Play Games on M1 MAX MacBook Pro | WINDOWS Emu and MacOS GAMING Review 😈

In a world where MacBook Pros have thick heatsinks and iPhone GPUs… Can we now game on them? In this gaming experience we take to the world of macOS and Windows Emulation for some gaming action.

2021 16″ M1 MAX 32 MacBook Pro | 32GB RAM
2019 16″ i9 5500M MacBook Pro | 32GB RAM

Windows ARM:
Parallels Desktop:

Parallels 16 on M1:…


  1. Looking more and more into these videos, the new Macs seriously are NOT for the general user, they don't even support Half Life 2 in Steam anymore! Apple has killed if Mac gaming even more then they had before, an Intel Mac is a much better general purpose machine.

  2. Too many compromises have to be made when gaming on Macs.
    The truth is Apple simply don't have the people to lead a dedicated AAA games division to get the Mac to be a AAA gaming platform. Its been 30 years.
    Not an ideal set up, but I get dedicated gaming PCs and a Mac for general stuff.

  3. With 32 gb, as you have, do you think design programs (Adobe Photoshop, SolidWorks (CAD), and KeyShot for rendering), via Parallels, will run quickly, or will they be slow like the games? Thanks!

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