Death of iPhone 7 & 7 Plus – 2022 Retrospective

The iPhone 7 & 7 Plus will be officially dead when iOS 16 releases- that is, they won’t receive any more major updates. The iPhone 7 has been of the most controversial iPhones ever with the headphone jack being the big talking point- but is there more to this phone than just that?

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0:00 – Best iPhone Yet
2:57 – Death of…


  1. Are you disappointed the iPhone 7 won't get iOS 16? Do you feel like it was a solid iPhone upgrade in 2016? Curious as always to hear your thoughts- and enjoy the video!

  2. Fun fact: iPhone 7 technically has the same amount of software support as iPhone 5S, while iPhone 6S still retains its position as the longest supported iPhone

    Meanwhile iPads: ♾️♾️♾️♾️♾️

  3. Oh my god man I’m so happy you made this video. I finally ditched my 7 a couple weeks ago and I already miss it. I wasn’t such of a stark new phone as it was such an interactive upgrade over the 6 and 6s but the jet black one – the one I had – was something special, even more so now we know that colour will not happen again. The black shiny back and sides merge perfectly with the screen and the end result is a starkly beautiful shiny slab of a phone. I came from the 6s, which was a massive step forward from the 6, but the 7 went one step further. AND I MISS 3D TOUCH!!!

  4. I was pretty happy with the 7. I was coming from the 6 and had really liked it, but the 7 def felt like a bigger jump in quality. I recently went through and figured out my entire iPhone history. It’s crazy to think how many we have had. I have never once thought about switching to an android. I will say that up to this point, the 13 is my favorite design thus far. I just got iOS 16 beta and I think these phones are just the best phones made.

  5. I disagree that the removal of the headphone jack was anti-consumer.

    Apple usually has a very direct vision, and AirPods were trying to push that vision further.

    Look at the market today. Apple knows that everyone copies Apple. Raycons, Galaxy Buds, Pixel Buds, etc.

    Apple can control the market itself if it wants to, and they know that everyone will try to take a bite out of the Apple. The market itself is much more convenient for everyone now.

    They knew what they were doing.

  6. I been working for AT&T and T-Mobile and still use my 7+. I can’t stand the notches on these new iPhones but the 14 Pros have the pill I am looking forward to a new phone because my battery is ass

  7. They should make a law where planned obsolescence is literally illegal. Even these devices can run the latest iteration of the OS, but Apple needs to bring in that new phone profit somehow.

  8. I'm pretty sure the iPads got support because they have the M series coprocessors M9 and M10 which take a lot of AI and system level loads off the cpu so the cpu can be dedicated 100% to the user's tasks and not waste resources on running the OS. I think the little power boost those processors have due to the M coprocessors is what made apple support the iPads a little longer but I doubt they will get iOS 17.

  9. Great video! I am a little sad to see the 7 losing support, but I am glad that the 7 series are not being updated to the point of being unusable. The 7 was the first iPhone I ever owned, it was such an upgrade over my iPod touch 6. I thought it was so sleek and premium compared to the iPod.

  10. I’m still using a iPhone7 128Gb matte black today, I replaced the battery last year, 2021. Guess I’ll finally have to “upgrade” this year or next. Maybe an iPhone 11 or 12, although the SE would be more like the size I like. I don’t want a plus size phone. I think the real reason for this decision is the durability of this phone with its aluminum back and touch sensitive home button….other than the battery, I’ve had no problems with it for 6 years! Apple wants people like me to finally upgrade, the problem is the upgrade will be a worse phone.

  11. why is it dead? i mean i never updated any android device i own, updates are stupid, its what i do with my pc and every device i own. if i don't have problems and it works perfectly, why the hell would i do an update? it wastes my time for something completely useless. so what if it doesent have an update? it will still work and function as before? so why all this drama? Are you paid by iphone so to make them more money? because i dont see other reason why. My boss has an iphone 5 and he still uses it as his daily phopne and works perfectly. so where is the problem?
    If you see the phone as a tech gadget, then you dont have an 7, you have an 12 now. other than that, you are in the if it works its ok category, so apart from hardware failure, i dont see any point in anything you said in that video. but please tell me why i am wrong, im waiting!

  12. I’ve been using my iPhone 6s Plus since September 2015. Original display and battery still operational. Dropped more times than I can recall and still no major damage. No bendgate issues like iPhone 6. This video has given me perspective that my iPhone will be supported for nearly a decade!!! I will admit having bought AirPods Pro at launch I haven’t used my headphone jack since then haha. RIP EarPods with 3.5mm…

  13. for me all this time later I'm not all that bothered by the loss of headphone jacks… Bluetooth had gotten good enough for me for on the go use to not rly care anymore.

  14. I owned a 7 plus 128GB. It was the WORST. It crashed constantly and was overall a worse experience than the 6s. I was so happy to ditch it for the X next year. I mostly feel it’s the A10 Fusion to blame. It’s by far the most unreliable SoC apple has ever produced, also being one of if not the only time BOTH Samsung and TSMC made chipsets, and the Samsung ones where notably worse.

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