CNET's Top iPhone Tips for 2021

We walk through the best iPhone tips of 2021 and how to set them up.

You see the iPhone 13 here…
iPhone 13
iPhone 13 Mini
iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 13 Pro Max
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  1. Actually the best thing on the iPhone what you guys did not talk about is making a FaceTime audio call with Voice isolation which basically blocks out all background noise including things like vacuum cleaners. That being said y’all gave some really great tips!

  2. Use text replacement for inserting annoying to type emails etc. I use “eml” to type my whole email in one sec, or “addy” to type my whole address etc. I add a W to the start for my work email etc

  3. I didn’t think I would find this video all that useful because I’ve watched a lot of IOS videos over the past 12 months. However I decided to view the video anyway because I’ve only been using Apple for a year and to my surprise there were several features I didn’t realize I missed out on. All of This just makes me miss android a lot less. Now if I could only get free music like I do on my androids IPhone would be my overwhelming phone of choice.

  4. That “Never gonna give you up” song to indicate charging complete is smart and all unless you charge your phone at night. Real Nightmare! (Speaking from personal experience of course)

  5. I use text replace to quickly enter my email. So I type ‘em1’ for my first email or ‘em2’ for my second email address, hit space, and bam it’s there. Never have to type out my email for logins or sharing it with others over messages.

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