Can I Add a Sim Slot to the iPhone 14 Pro Max? Teardown & Live Video – is it repairable?

On this livestream, we tested several things on these brand new iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Some helpful & useful information we discovered
✅Easy to open. Use 75C with the CPB Heating Pad:
And 99% Isopropyl Alcohol:
And 2uul Screen Opener:
✅You can replace the screen & encounter no negative behaviors. Outside of the “notification” that the…


  1. please I have an iPhone x that a customer brought in for repair. I think it has something to do with the display. The phone when powered on or plugged into a charger shows the apple logo. But as soon as the phone is about to boot up the screen goes blank but the phone still indicates that it is still on when you plug in a charger or press the vibration button on the side. I have tried to diode mode the connectors but they all read just fine. Any solution, please

  2. This video deserves more than the amount of views it’s getting so far, well, most viewer just want to see the specs and funky sides to their phones
    Great job man, appreciate the effort

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