Building a Gold & Diamond iPhone 12 Pro Max – Most Luxurious iPhone Ever.

Let’s create the most elegant iPhone using the most luxurious materials.
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  1. Zirconia is Zirconia and NOT synthetic diamond. It is a lookalike only. Synthetic Diamond is harder to discern. If it is laboratory grown Synthetic Diamond it is Diamond only not naturally grown. You would be hard pressed to identify it if at all. Usually it is flawless but can be grown otherwise. Besides diamonds are actually worthless due to the fact the market is glutted and artificially inflated.

  2. They amount of screws apple uses in all they're phones is ridiculous compared to other manufacturers.. but the fact there are so many different types is just plain mean 👻

  3. I think you should have new spare gaskets for this phones, they are cheap and is always better to use new rubber, also easier, as you won't have to remove the old ones.

  4. I don’t really get how Reddit can get so toxic. I modded a beaten up iPhone 5 by replacing the damaged housing with a gold plated custom casing and posted it on Reddit, only to get like 200 downvotes and 50 hate comments either saying that it’s ugly as hell or just something that’s simply verbally attacking me. I got that idea after watching your video but the toxic comments though- I don’t get the discrepancy

  5. Not for me! The fact you can’t use any mag safe accessories which I use for things like sat nav use in car and place and forget wireless overnight charge makes it far less user friendly. Plus Subtle girl next door beauty wins over bling look at me, look at me ANYDAY!

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