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  1. DUDE Great video. I think a lot of us are interested in how you remove this shortcut and other complicated shortcuts. Just going to the DELETE option doesn’t remove it entirely. Thanks so much.

  2. Hey my XR did the strangest thing, I was playing Solitaire Grand Harvest and the game refused to quit. I was getting calls but couldn’t answer, Sri was functional but her couldn’t get into settings. What could have caused this and how to prevent it. I eventually got it to restart by tapping the volume up and down and then holding down the power until the apple logo came on

  3. Hello! About a week ago I bought a brand new iPhone 12. But I had a problem. The first 2 days my battery dropped very quickly. After an hour and a half on the screen my battery reached 20%. Do I have to worry or was it done on purpose …

  4. I would proceed cautiously with this mod, as it appears to request various privacy permissions. I also noticed stuttering in apps after installing it – and I’m running an iPhone 13 Pro which should handle most, if not all apps, smoothly.

  5. I think wetr got some updates, and now its not taking the album picture as lockscreen wallpaper, rather its geting into auto mode instead. Automatically shifted from album to auto and the option to get back to album and selecting album is not appearing anymore

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