Best iPhone 13/13 Pro Accessories – 2021

These are the best iPhone 13/iPhone 13 Pro accessories for all budgets!

– RhinoShield All Cases:
– RhinoShield Collab Designs:
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[0:14] 1. RhinoShield SolidSuit Case -…


  1. I really wonder what the dislike ratio here is. Dude chill. Way too much click and tapping and annoying audio. It takes away from the actual content and anxiety inducing.

  2. Is the iPhone 13 good. I bought it now and I realised that I had the chance to get the iPhone 13 pro but I thought there wasnt much of a difference. After watching many videos I knew that I had the wrong decision and now I regret it so much

  3. Anyone else out there never broken a screen? First iPhone > 13 Pro Max, every year, never broken a screen. Not even any of my iPads…
    Now, my kids mum? She's broken about 8 or 9 screens lol and I've had to repair them all lol

  4. Just a small fyi. Would not recommend to use MagSafe pop socket directly on iPhone. I believe popsocket has also stated that as well, on top of stating it’s meant to be used with MagSafe case. As a user of one, I can definitely say it isn’t really that strong at all directly on an iPhone without a case.

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  6. Thank you so much for the video, I discovered so many things here, I’m ordering some stuff, also I love the way you organized the video by chapters and titles where the name of the item, love it , thank you 🙏 blessings

  7. I need to point this out, the standard glass on iPhones is a mohs level 5/6ish, the mohs scale is a type of scratch test, things like your fingernail and plastic being incredibly low, while diamond is a level 10, which is the max level on the mohs scale. Anything under 5/6 can’t scratch the iPhone screen itself, meaning that keys, which are most likely below that, (from my knowledge and experience,) can’t scratch the iPhone’s screen. Many other phones also have a screen with a mohs hardness of ~5/6, not just iPhones. It is always recommended to use a screen protector though, as it’s just another thing between your wallet and repair shops.

  8. I have the Rhinoshield solidsuit Marvel collab and it's well built,insanely secure and the buttons are clicky and great to use but what i don't like is how slippy it is! I also have the Mous limitless 4.0 wich is well built, secure but not as much as the solidsuit, better grip than the solidsuit but the edges are damn sharp to the point it can get a bit uncomfortable it also is slightly morphed sure it straightened out when on the phone but you can still see it's not 100% straight. The solidsuit is insanely good i just wish it had more grip i'm at the point i don't know what case to use because rhinoshield feels far more protective but the Mous has the grip. Grip tape is my only option for the solidsuit i really hope their next release has grippier sides. ps. I love how you toss everything about and don't give a shit the way you test your cases is reassuring as hell and i appreciate that!

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