Best iOS 16 Lock Screen WIDGETS – You Must Have !

iOS 16 lock screen widgets you must have. Best iOS 16 lock screen widgets that you must download on your iOS 16 iPhone.

iOS 16 lock screen widgets are a great new feature of iOS 16. There are a lot of iOS 16 lock screen widgets on the App Store but these are some of the best ones you can download on your device.


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  1. Lock screen widgets are a nice feature but, for some reason, it doesn't work with the 'Depth Effect' (which I prefer)… So, I don't use it.
    Hopefully, Apple will address this issue in the next feature release.

  2. Lol these Lock Screen widgets are for the laziest of the lazy Jesus, it takes like 2 seconds to get to whatever app I need all this is way to much work for nothing.

  3. Anyone else have the problem that 3rd party widgets don't update the battery percentage very often? I see it's always behind the actual percentage so I don't really see the point of using it.

  4. Great video and some really useful apps it’s great that devs are bringing out apps to customise you’re LockScreen and only just the beginning keep them coming!!!

  5. bro i heard you like clocks so i added a widget for a clock. then i added another widget for a clock then right above that is your clock. you have been pimped cues music (pimp my phone)

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