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hi sandy lover’s

In today’s video I will be taking about Best free editing app/ software that you can use to edith your videos, it so easy to use and it free.

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  1. Thanks for the noise remover tip, i have been using KineMaster ever since, I get all my music from it and it’s all copyright free, that’s why I love it so much. The Inshot editing app seems nice, thanks for sharing sis

  2. Inshot is my favorite..I find it difficult using other App.thanks for taking your time to share this….btw why are you so beautiful 🥰? eyes🤦

  3. I use Inshot for all my video I think it very easy to use .some of the music 🎶 is copyright or less you copy the name of the singer on YouTube or just stick to one music in inshot

  4. There is copyright music in some the music on inshot… i prefer inshot to any editing maybe because i havent used others thou. Thanks for sharing these amazing apps. Me i love free things ooo.

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