Become an iPhone Camera PRO [10 Tips]

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Your iPhone camera is a phenomenal piece of tech, but like any tech, you need to know how to use it to get the most out of it. In this video, I’ll share 10 tips and tricks as well as best settings for the iPhone camera app.

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  1. Swiping right to start recording a video also allows you to record a video if listening to music via bluetooth on a speaker without stoping it. handy for catching your 3 year old dancing!

  2. Tom – another excellent tutorial. A few comments: Live Photo – hate it! Regarding the Preserve Settings – I have found that the changes you make here don't necessarily occur immediately. It seems to take awhile sometimes for your choice to be put into effect. Also, the Live Photo switch in Preserve Settings seems to function opposite of what the other controls do – the default is for the Camera app to always turn Live Photos ON, so if you don't want it to do that (see my previous comment about hate it!), you have to turn this switch on, then, when you set Live Photos to Off in the camera controls, it should stay off for future sessions. Next, there's a caveat to using the "slide shutter button to the right to take a video" – if you do this, the video taken will only be at 1080p resolution, so if your intent was to take a 4K video, you're better off just switching to Video mode in the first place. And finally, one tip that I find useful is that in Video mode, you can change the resolution and frame rate by tapping in the upper right hand corner of the screen where the settings are displayed (this may only apply to newer phones?).

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