ATTACK OF THE CLONES: The GOOPHONE i7+ – A decent quality Apple iPhone 7 Plus Clone…I guess

Timestamps or chapters are integrated into the video now showing each segment dedicated to this device.
This one runs at about the time I had planned for this, but in any case feel free to use the timestamps so you can skip to wherever you need to be. If you are on desktop they should appear as chapters which is kind of nifty.

*For Entertainment and Educational purposes only, I do not endorse the sales of replica/knockoff…


  1. The end of the trilogy. I hope you all enjoyed looking at some iPhone clones. I have to admit I burnt myself out doing 3 big videos in quick succession so I'll take a small little break over easter (Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!) and when I feel good I'll do a bonus video looking at the GOOPHONE 6s and the GOOPHONE 6. I have looked at these before on the channel but…I'm not happy with them as they are old and crap now 🙂

    Anyways, let me know what you thought of this clone and I'll see you in the next one!

    Thanks for watching!


    Intro & Disclaimers: 0:00

    iPhone 7 Plus Specifications & Back Story from 2017 SMOOREZ: 1:15

    Real vs Clone Comparison & Closer Look: 2:41

    Sim Install & Power On: 4:19

    Buttons, Display & Default Apps: 5:21

    General Functionality, User Interface, Shortcuts & 3D Touch: 6:46

    Settings – Keyboard, Sim Issues & Connections: 8:22

    Settings – Notifications, Control Center & About Phone: 9:25

    Settings – General, Updates, More UI features etc: 10:42

    Settings – Storage, More Random Things, Display & Wallpapers: 11:35

    Settings – Sounds, Siri & Touch ID: 13:17

    Settings – Battery, iCloud, iTunes & List of apps installed: 14:47

    Settings – The Rest Of Settings etc: 16:29

    Still responsive, half legit UI, Mail, Calendar & Photos: 18:06

    The Camera: 19:11

    Camera Test: 20:28

    Camera Quality: 23:45

    Weather, Clock, Maps, Videos, Wallet, Notes, Reminders, Stock & iTunes Store: 24:43

    App Store, iBooks, Family, Health & Phone: 25:43

    Safari, Browser Test, Messages & Music: 26:58

    Speaker Test: 27:55

    Facetime, Podcasts, Watch, Compass, Tips, Voice Memos & Contacts: 28:51

    The Play Store, Storage Issues & Attempted YouTube Test: 30:16

    Calculator, Find Friend, Find iPhone, Files & Ice Crush: 31:30

    Actual Android Settings & "GAMING TEST": 32:43

    Activity Launcher, Secret Codes & Hidden Setup: 34:29

    Finding out the real specifications: 36:09

    Conclusion: 37:55

    Teardown: 39:25

    RIP Buddy, Full Specifications & THE GOOPHONE WINNER: 42:25

    Trying to upgrade the GOOPHONE i7 & Next Videos: 43:53

    Timestamps, Disclaimers & Thank You to everyone!: 45:19

    Outro: 46:03

    CPU & System Apps are in the description above, as well as the extracted files from the phone!

    Be good people!

  2. In around 2013 this ChiProne had REALLY not that bad specs. And it’s the main problem, they’re using the same “pretty good” in 2012 hardware freaking 10 years, and now it’s garbage. As someone also said in comments, if they just put in there today’s “pretty good” hardware in today’s ChiPhones and work a little bit more with software, they will be pretty good.

  3. This is not GooPhone, this is its replica. Yes, a replica of a replica. In 2013 or 14 I had a real GooPhone and its quality was much better, especially the quality of the UI. And even more, at the time it had REALLY not that bad specs, kinda the same as this. And it’s the main problem, they’re using the same “pretty good” in 2012 hardware freaking 10 years, and now it’s garbage. As someone also said in comments, if they just put in there today’s “pretty good” hardware in today’s ChiPhones and work a little bit more with software, they will be pretty good.

  4. One time in my life i hold in my hands a very rare chineese prototype clone iphone 5, it has original screen, battery, housing, CAMERA, but the board was a green color and has a mtk chip on it, it was running aosp android 4.0.4, camera was not working due to software but the original screen button connectivities etc was work fine, i was very inpressed, and now i am hunting for this "clone" do you hear something about it?

  5. Not about this Phone but the Welcome devices, does anyone know of any custom roms for them? I was given a phone marketed as the Mate36 pro, also branded as LEIOA on the back by someone who fell for the lies in the listing and i really need to get the dam adverts and other malware off it so i can make use of it. The 'phone' is junk and completely unusable as a phone but it is good enough to be the interface on a smart thermostat project i want to implement.

  6. The optical quality of that rear camera is surpassingly good. If it had better software to address the dynamic range shortcomings, it would be acceptable for casual online content.

  7. Personally, when I FaceTime I connect my phone to a nest of bees rather than wifi. It's MUCH faster.

    I know a number of apps will NOT install to an SD card, I assume any Google app probably won't.

  8. You should see if that screen can be sourced or something. It's a surprisingly nice 1080p screen. Ironically far higher res than the real iPhone 7+. Was it taken from another phone?

  9. Congratulations. You have encountered the pain of every Android user that couldn't afford (or didn't want to buy) a flagship phone for the past however many years. On phone storage is dogshit, so you add an SD card and tell Android to use that. Android notes your suggestion and ignores it completely because reasons. If you root the phone to force the matter, the phone will eventually brick itself. So you wind up having basically no apps on your phone and barely even get any use out of it until the battery kicks the bucket.

  10. I love how they clearly used Find and Replace to change Android to iPhone everywhere, including hidden default settings.

  11. oh boi there's another one. how many frikin goophone are out there lol?? anyway it doesn't look like too bad after all, i mean with that cpu memory and ram it's a miracle how it actually performed. the cameras where not bad as well, so with more effort it kind of look like a legit iphone. (some translations where priceless XD)
    oh and take your time, you can't rush art. we can wait, remember that the most important thing is your health in the first place!

  12. I've said it 1000 times, if goophone ever put 2 gb of ram and 32gb of rom with a 5 year old helio p22 they'd sell 100x more than they ever did. A clone that a pre teen could use daily would be a great seller

  13. I used to want this phone just to strain myself. I found a seller, legit told me that what they sold is “fake” (with some laughable BS like “Korean-grade”, standard quality, etc.), but they still managed to rip $150 off is very surprising.

  14. No phone that uses the mt6580 has 4gb storage and a 1080×1920 screen, to get clean android you'll need to compile it yourself, port it from somewhere or remove the apps

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