Are YOU charging your iPhone correctly?

Your iPhone battery is a pretty impressive piece of technology, but are you charging it wrong? CAN you charge it wrong? Or are all iPhone battery tips just myths? In this video, I’ll explore 10 claims related to charging your iPhone battery, to see if you should worry about them or not.

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  1. Very nice and helpful. Back here in the US, your Queen's English is quite appreciated. You are thorough, easy to understand and pleasant to look and hear. Thank you and keep up the good work. Oh, and your background items look quite nice as well.

  2. Thank you. your advice helped me in choosing the type of iPhone, how much gb are needed, how to protect the battery, this will be my first iPhone purchase. ty once more.

  3. My phone doesn’t use less power in low power mode at least in my experience. Cause it runs the screen 60hz wile with it off it dynamically switches between 120-10hz

  4. I attach my iPhone 13 Pro to a holder that is attached to my A/C vent in my car while driving. I close the vent sometimes if I think it is getting too cold. It can get pretty cold, but not freezing. Is the cold coming from the vent bad for the iPhone?

  5. Can newer iPhones be charged while they are off? When I plug in my iPhone SE 2020, it turns on automatically. Is there any way to keep it powered off while charging?

  6. My iphone 11 battery 🔋 I charged it to 68% and didn't use my phone the whole day and when I OPENED THE IPHONE to use I saw that the battery percentage was from 68% to 57% I mean how is that happening 😅 when I haven't even touched the my iphone. Any ideas 💡 to why this happened and plus its a brand new iphone 11 from Argos that I bought.

  7. Is it now possible to charge an iPhone when it is powered off? When I last tried this, it would just turn on as soon as I would plug it in, but this might have changed the past year. I know most android phones can do this.

  8. I once left my iPhone 7+ on my car dashboard while driving long distance… phone just shut off saying that it’s overheated. Actually I had the maps on plus it was exposed to direct heat for a long time in peak summer. Gave it some time and it came back on.

  9. I turned off my iPhone (I switched from Android and used to do it while charging) and it turned on when I plugged it in, am I doing something wrong?

  10. Thank you for this explanation. All this time I was fooled by some channels saying can not charge iphone or other smartphones overnight because it is feared to overcharge and damage the battery performance so when outside I had to find a place to charge because there is not enough precentige on my iphone.

  11. I really liked this video apart from one thing. Ur channel name include tech word in it but u only use apple as a reference. U should give ex on more phones or change ur name to apple tech

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