Apple's ALL NEW Electric Car SHOCKS The Entire Car Industry!

Everybody knows about the iPhone and iPad and Apple, the company behind the two
products. Thanks to high build quality and passionate fans, the Apple brand has
become known globally and even associated with luxury and high-class! However, not
as many know that Apple is working on a car, but that does not stop the company from
development! And now, Apple is ready to reveal its all-new car, which shocks the entire
car industry!
Apple is the largest company in the world…


  1. Yeah not buying an apple car, iPhone and macs can't kill you, but a car can, so no, not right now , not until after 5 to 10 years , cars are not a joke.

  2. These electric cars all fail my sniff test. I want far fewer chips. Everything than can be manual should be manual. No remote off, no remote tracking, crank down windows, battery packs the work well in all temperatures or at least be contained in units that control the temperature of the batteries to ideal.
    Solid state lithium batteries sound pretty good, YMMV.
    Also I want right to repair and it to be repairable.

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