Apple 2022 Product Release iPhone 14, M2 MacBook Pro, iPad Pro M2 etc

So this Year in 2022, what Product Releases can we expect from Apple? Well Today I go over the expected released products we will be seeing through out the Year!

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  1. Really looking forward to the new iPhone release so I can maybe finally have enough money for a newer model to upgrade from my 6s. Probably not going to get a 14 but hopefully the price drops on the 13 enough for me to get my hands on it ??

  2. There Will be Exchange in Apple Watch 8 with Crown to Left and Right with Crown. For Pay Monthly in Apple Watch besice iPhone. And you Can Touch the Screen and Use the Screen or Cut with With a Finch to Another Place. Or By Hour and Day and week and Month from Up To Down Which is far Better Tim. Also you could Massage Them in Apple Org Mail Massages.

  3. Matt! I love the silver colour in the iPhone 13's.l
    would like to buy an iPhone 13 with the
    Sliver colour when i have enough monay.
    And Your videos are informative, and watch them
    soon as they show up on my notifications bell.
    Thank you so much for making videos like this.
    Happy New Year to Everyone

  4. Hello Matt! Another amazing video. For me I think I would LOVE to add an iMac to the rotation. Those look better than ever! Not sure if I’ll switch from my M1 to an M2 MacBook but who knows. And as always. Upgrading the iPhone. I currently have the iPhone X and am wanting to either get the 13 Pro/Max or wait it out for the new 14 Pro/Max. Right now the 13 Pro/Max is looking very nice. Love the videos! Huge fan from the states!

  5. Happy new year Matt! I would love to own an iphone 13 pro max this year. The phone that hailed as the best smartphone last 2021. Been wanting to own one but I can't afford it yet. Still saving.

  6. I am planning to buy ipad air 4th gen….as u are saying that gen 5 is launching soon , shall I wait??….and what is the probability its gonna launch in this year's spring event?

  7. Happy New Year ? Great that you had a wonderful holiday with your fam, and may the new year be filled with so much more love and support from us your subscribers. ??  Super excited for yet another year of Apple greatness, recapping on the this past year, obviously there have been a few disappointments in certain product designs, spec capabilities and all, but nonetheless I think they've tried their best to make as many good changes to their products. Obviously like you've said they probably think of these designs years before they actually release them: so it could be that at the stage of people sitting down on what updates to upgrade the models with that at the moment thats the necessities which popped up. Whereas realitically speaking things change on a daily, yet alone to talk of yearly, so it'd kinda be hard for them to keep up with every demand in the realistic reflection of the world. But I surely do hope they consider some of the nudges of improvements, cos they would definitely make their devices out of this world. I am however supppper excited for the new MacBook Air, I am just a lover for color and although they may not be for everyone I think they'd be such a hit, and if I was able to I would definitely get the blue version of the the Mac Air product. Also the iPhone 14, I feel like thats one of the most anticipated product line from Apple throughout the entire year for anyone. I would really like to purchase a iPhone 13 this year as a gift to self, 2021 was such a difficult year a personal reward would be great if God allows. A really exciting year I suspect it shall be. Thank you for the video Matt ?

  8. the products looked so good! ? I would love to buy a new phone because the phone that I am using right now is badly damaged and in fact this is what I'm using for our online class. hopefully I can buy one soon ??

  9. I'd love to see the iMac 27" (or iPad Pro) to come in more vibrant colors, even if it's sadly really unlikely. But I personally can't relate, why pro users only choose between silver and space grey, I mean how boring would that be? In my case I'd love to have some pro features as well as a larger screen, but also want colors. So there are two options, ether be limited by the 24" but have colors (choose design over function), or be forced to buy silver or space grey, which is to me after so many years absolutely boring.

  10. 2022 promises big upgrade for Apple! ?
    If i buy a MacBook i will buy the pro.. anyway, i'm a student and i'm saving Money for pass to Apple from android. This project Will finish in january 2023 and i Wish to win. Thanks for the opportunity ?

  11. happy new year, and matt! happy to see you again, and hope you are fine. I'm a painter, and I like to try new arts. so I'm looking forward to get the iPad air for digital art. i most probably end up not affording it and get an older model, ?but will see. anyway, hope you ok and post more frequently.?

  12. Heyy Matt, Hope You’re well Now… Kinda feels soo long since you last posted?. Since I didn’t win last 2 times here is one more comment hoping to win this giveaway!!

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