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There are many smart iPhone and Android devices on the market, which leads to confusion over which one to choose. There have been a lot of discussions and discussions about whether Android or iPhone is the best buy. I think Android phone is better than iPhone.

android vs iphone

Here are the reasons why an Android phone is better than an iPhone:

1. Choice:

There are many Android phones and deciding on a specific Android phone depends on many factors such as storage, OS, camera quality, display, color, etc.

2. Customization:

Android is the best option if one wants a custom phone. Part 3 app can be installed if one of the standard keyboard does not like. Android phone allows one to customize their predictive text on messages, and has cloud storage space for all photos, healthy app, external keyboards, text messaging, etc.

3. Devices:

This is one of the main reasons for the apparent controversy between Android and iPhone. By focusing on two of the current major Android and iPhone phones, one can get a better clarity on the argument.

4. Google Play ™ Store:

Compared to the Apple App Store, sending an app to the Google App Store is much more rewarding as Apple goes through a tedious process to check whether or not your app that you submit follows their instructions. This process can prevent malware associated with downloading an app. On the other hand, Apple refuses to enter your app into the app store if the chevron code is used incorrectly and thus aims to create the perfect app. However, sending an Android app to Google App Store is much easier than that on Apple which makes advertising less stressful and easier to create an app.

5. Widgets and multitasking:

Tools is a huge addition to Android from iOS because the implemented apps are limited in iOS as it can only be added in the notification center. It’s worth noting that Apple doesn’t have any tools on the homepage in order to get rid of clutter while all kinds of gadgets like custom watch, weather, alerts, phone calls, emails, messages, flashlight, etc. are favorites on Android It can be arranged on the main screen as per those selected. Multitasking on Android is very easy to use compared to iPhone. Multitasking on Apple is somewhat useful and not implemented properly while multitasking on Android has been beneficial for a long time making it the winner on Apple iPhones.

6. Extended memory specifications:

Many Android phones have an expandable memory that the iPhone does not have. Instead, Apple will need an additional investment to upgrade any of its phones from 16 GB to 32 or 64 GB from a micro SD card to iPhone. Given this, Android is the winner again.

7. Removable battery

Many Android phones have a removable battery that can be replaced with a general battery of your choice. While this is not the case for using Apple iPhones as a single owner, he should visit Apple Store. Some Android phones like the LG G5 provide a separate battery for use.

8. Durability:

Most Android phones are durable because they are made of hard plastic or polycarbonate from aluminum-based iPhones.

Based on all the above mentioned comparisons, buying an Android phone is more beneficial than buying an iPhone. Finally looking at the market share, the size of the Android phone market is more than iPhones. So it’s better to have an Android phone than iPhone.

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