A tip from Rachel at Apple: How to organize your albums using folders on your iPhone | Apple Support

Rachel at Apple has this useful tip for organizing photo albums into folders. Learn how to create a folder, and then create albums inside the folder in Photos on iPhone.

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  1. Is this not creating duplicates and taking up space on your device? I stopped doing this because I'm already out of space and iCloud+ is expensive! Hopefully 14 Pro Max will have a 2TB internal space option.

  2. Can we add a feature where when you move a photo it’s moved from your recents and other albums? That would definitely make it a ton easier to organize. Most people use recents and it doesn’t make sense if you move a photo that it still stays there.

  3. I have been putting photos in folders for years. I wish they could work on designing a system that when it is put in a folder it is moved out of the main folder (recents). I feel like I am organizing but never getting cleaned up and then it is hard to remember what was out in folder and whar hasn't.

  4. How Apple likes to make life difficult for users by confusing them, as the comments below the video show. These folders are just for shortcuts, roughly speaking, not for actual photo files. And users will surely continue to encounter unpleasant surprises when deleting and otherwise handling photos.

  5. Thank YOU for finally allowing us to organize better, Apple. I know it’s been getting better, but I think I’ll wait for iOS 16 to come, so that the sorting is even that much easier.

  6. I’ve been doing this for a time already but my only problem is when I delete a photo from the “All Photos” Library that was already added to a particular album, that photo deleted in the “All Photos” will also be deleted from the album. Is there a way to prevent it or none? My idea is to save on storage but apparently it just adds up a lot more when distributing photos to an album.

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