6 Hacks To Stop iPhone Spam Calls — Scammers Hate #4!

David & David show you how to block spam calls on an iPhone. U.S. consumers received nearly 4 billion robocalls per month in 2020. In spite of the FCC’s push to combat robocalls and spoofing, it’s still a major problem — and headache — for practically everyone with a phone number.

There are a couple iPhone settings you can turn on to cut down on spam calls. The first is Silence Unknown Callers, which sends calls to voicemail if they aren’t from your contacts, recent outgoing calls, or…


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  2. I set my phone's default ringtone to "silent". I will assign a ringtone once I add a person to my phone book so I usually don't even look at my phone unless I hear it ring. I noticed that my phone labels incoming calls as "scam" or "spam" or "verified caller – likely medical, (or whatever)" I only answer if I am specifically waiting to get a call.

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  4. Can you do a video on the Smart Home Manager app? I downloaded it because the technician told me to and really I don’t even know what needs to be on on it as a background or anything. It has like four or five different options and I think all of mine are set on green and I don’t know if they need to be.

  5. Does anyone else get the “this is your final courtesy call before we close out your file…your car warranty is about to expire”? PLEASE, close out my darn file!!! I will get 20 of these per week. Does anyone ever fall for this scam and buy their warranty?

  6. Thanks guys1. Helpful information. I just wish Apple or the providers would come up with a messenger that allow you to block spam text. The Spammers have caught on to these tips, so now they are use text as their spams!!!!

  7. I think there has a been a recent switch from a call to now direct txt msg. I have tries to identify the originating call number to block which hasn’t helped. Any suggestions to dealing with unknown txt messages?

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