1. I was watching these videos for the 14PM I ordered, but! but! the eSIM was not my thing, so I canceled the order, all $1,713 canceled. IF apple decided to bring back the SIM card? I may consider it again, but now I'll just wait for the S23 Ultra.
    I saw lots of reviews for us here in the U.S. and so many people having issues with that…….imagine when I have to travel to another country that's not as advanced as the U.S.? No thank you and F apple and their idiotic moves.

  2. The end call thing (first one) would only end the call if you’re using the earpiece. If you’re on speaker or using headphones, it doesn’t lock. But that’s still nice since there’s been times where I just accidentally press the button

  3. After the 16.1.1 update, I cannot see my recent text suggestions. I cannot simply send something via text and have the iPhone suggest anyone of recent. It’s offers nothing but a blank text recipient.

  4. Do you've a solution for going back to the previous step of any application without tapping back on top left.? This is super annoying and one of the biggest reasons I'm unable to switch to iphone. I'm so much used to of swiping from left/right inside on the screen to go back on previous step of the application on Android.

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