2022 Leaks: Apple ENDS the iPhone

iPhone 14: Releasing EARLY
iPhone 14 is stealing everything
Apple’s big launch in 2022 isn’t going to be the iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro. It’s not a Mac or AirPods either. This upcoming year, what will shock tech headlines around the globe will be a new Apple-branded headset. Let me explain why!

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  1. Ming-Chi Kuo doesn't know what's going to happen in 10 years. No one does. People can only speculate. There are too many variables. Expect the unexpected. I speculate that the general public will NOT favor apple glasses or headsets over an iPhone. It will be cool – Yes but, more of a novelty. If for no other reason than people generally prefer not wearing glasses (for different reasons). Apple would have to literally give the glasses away for free to make a big enough dent in the iPhone user population. I do think however that iPhones will evolve into different form factors for sure over the next 10 years.

  2. yeah, not using AR or VR, no matter how much big tech wants it or business demands it.

    Apple has proven themselves completely useless without Jobs, and I never even liked the guy.

  3. Who cares? Each phone only has a new chip, better camera, blah blah. It’s never life changing or needed. Sorry. I have 11 pro max but was fine with the 6 or 8. They all do the same shit.

  4. I don't believe that. Don't listen to these idiots. The iPhone is one of the biggest selling products out there. There's no way Apple would ever get rid of the iPhone. They would lose so much money

  5. Maybe it’s silly but I am potentially most excited about the Watch. It bothers me beyond words that I’m not allowed to create my own watch face and the having to charge a watch every day is just silly (to say it nicely).

    If those two issues are addressed, then count me in.

  6. Folding iPhone no big deal.
    Samsung and others already have multiple folding phones.
    I gave up on Apple products years ago. Apple is always behind the eight ball with innovation. Samsung rolls out new products and then Apple follows behind with their version.
    The iPhone has a nice screen thanks to Samsung and others suppliers.
    EXCITING News!!!! Tesla is getting into the mobile market which is very exciting. Once Elon pushes out the Pi Phone I will be online ordering.
    The Pi phone is going to go over well. Anything Elon creates is top notch and the competitors will be shaking their boots.

  7. #1 missing feature – Privacy. Remember privacy Apple? #2 Reduce the weight. Don't need or want face-ID, haptic, mag-charging, contact-tracing or squared-off cases. Get rid of all that junk. #3 USB-c. Obvious. Just do the obvious Apple? Call it an SE3? Big screen, decent battery and nothing else that weighs us down?

  8. Anything and eveything has its end most specially when it comes to technology. TESLA has been cooking a lot of technoloy that once introduce and release to the public it will be soon the dominant.. making others obsolete on its path, .. making its way to Cosmic age. True.

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